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Hauptstrasse 17
7000 Eisenstadt
Tel.: +43 2682 635 85 0
Fax: +43 2682 635 85 20

Company Registration Number: 187 311h, Court of Jurisdiction: Eisenstadt, Austria
Language of Jurisdiction: German
VAT Number: ATU 479 55 903

Member of the Chamber of Commerce: Burgenland
Type of business: Engineering / trading of heat exchangers

Registered in: Eisenstadt, Austria

Legal entity: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited liability company)

Managing director: Ing. Márton Antal LESKÓ

ARA: 17780

Trading with UNEX Heatexchanger Engineering GmbH

Our aim is the supply of high quality products and services in a fair and professional manner.
To achieve this aim, we have clearly defined Terms & Conditions.
Terms and Conditions for the sale

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INTERNET-XL, Gröbming, Austria

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Declaration according to the Austrian media and e-commerce laws

Purpose of the business:
Engineering / trading of heat exchangers

Purpose of the media:
As a general rule, the internet site of UNEX HEATEXCHANGER Engineering GmbH contains no third party advertising. Should third party advertising tack place on our internet site then this shall be via external AdServer. Data gathered via online advertising (AdImpressions, AdKlicks) is used exclusively for the creation of statistics and reports, no personal information is required for this. This information may be gather by cookies, over which UNEX HEATEXCHANGER Engineering GmbH hold no influence.



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Top notch heat
transfer stations!

Stefan Ritzer – Managing Director:
At the heart of every compact heat transfer station is a heat exchanger. more...

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